Tips for Having the Best Summer with Braces 

Here at Smith & Heymann Orthodontics, we’re committed to offering personal treatment and custom smiles to each and every member of our patient family. And with summer right around the corner, let’s take a look at some tips for having the best summer with braces. Ready, set, summer! 


Tip #1 – Stay Cool and Comfy

Keep your summer braces care routine cool by always having a soothing gel or wax handy. This can really help soothe your mouth after fun summer activities. Remember, comfort with braces is key to enjoying your summer days!

You also might want to think about packing a small care kit with essentials like your soothing gel or wax whenever you head out. That way, no matter where summer takes you, it’s easy to quickly deal with any minor braces discomfort on the spot. This proactive approach to your summer braces care allows you to continue enjoying the summer festivities without missing a beat. 

Keep smiling and make every summer day count with confidence!


Tip #2 – Snack Smart

Summer is full of tempting treats, but eating with braces requires smart choices. Stick to braces-friendly summer snacks like soft fruits and light sandwiches. Avoid sticky or hard foods that can harm your braces. Dr. Smith, Dr. Heymann, and Dr. Skillestad always suggest preparing snacks ahead of time so you can grab them and go!

You can add a splash of convenience and variety to your orthodontic diet by exploring recipes that are both delicious and safe for your braces. We love soft choices like smoothies, yogurt parfaits, and soft cheese platters over here! 

These options keep your braces safe while offering the necessary nutrition to keep you energized for your summer adventures.  


Tip #3 – Brush on the Go

Braces maintenance shouldn’t take a vacation. Pack a travel-sized toothbrush and mirror in your day bag. Whether you’re at a friend’s house or a summer camp, a quick brush after eating helps keep your braces clean and your smile sparkling.

You might want to consider adding a small bottle of mouthwash and interdental brushes to your kit. These are great for those times when brushing isn’t practical. 

Regular maintenance, even while on the move, helps keep your braces in perfect condition, no matter where your summer takes you.


Tip #4 – Protect Your Braces

This is a big one! For any summer sports, always wear a mouthguard. This is a non-negotiable part of your braces and summer activities. A good mouthguard protects your braces from damage and your mouth from injuries.

You can make this process easier by choosing a mouthguard that fits comfortably with your braces. It might be worth having a custom mouthguard made if you participate in sports frequently. Not only does this provide better protection, but it also ensures that the mouthguard won’t interfere with your orthodontic progress. 

Keep this essential gear in your sports bag so it’s always ready when you are, and you can play as hard as you like without worrying about your braces.


Tips for Having the Best Summer with Braces

Tip #5 – Stay Hydrated

Keeping hydrated goes a long way for comfort with braces during the summer. Water helps rinse away food particles and keeps your mouth moist. We recommend keeping a water bottle at hand whether you’re on the beach or hiking a trail.

A great way to celebrate the season is to add some flavor infusions like cucumber, strawberry, or mint to make your water more refreshing and fun to drink throughout the day. These natural flavors can level up your drink without adding any harmful sugars that could affect your braces.  


Tip #6 – Keep Your Orthodontist in the Loop

Planning summer travel with braces? Be sure to inform Dr. Smith, Dr. Heymann or Dr. Skillestad about your plans. They can give you tips specific to your braces care tips for your destination and what to do in case of an emergency.


Tip #7 – Know How to Handle Emergencies

Speaking of emergencies, always have your orthodontist’s contact information accessible. Whether it’s a popped wire or a lost aligner, knowing how to handle these situations is part of your summer braces care toolkit.

Tip #8 – Prep for Comfort

Invest in some lip balm and mild pain relievers. Summer heat can increase discomfort for those with braces, so being prepared can help alleviate that. These small additions to your braces care tips list can make a big difference.

A good quality lip balm can prevent chapped lips caused by sun exposure and dehydration—a common issue during hotter months. Make sure that you find a lip balm with SPF protection to guard against UV rays. 

You might want to consider keeping mild pain relievers on hand, which is also wise for those days when your braces might cause unexpected soreness.  


Tip #9 –  Explore Soft Food Cuisine

Get creative with your diet and explore new braces-friendly summer recipes. Smoothies, cold soups like gazpacho, and soft grilled meats are great for eating with braces and keeping things interesting at summer gatherings.

Tips for Having the Best Summer with Braces

Tip #10 –  Schedule a Mid-Summer Check-Up

Midway through summer, why not book a check-up with Smith & Heymann Orthodontics? It’s a great way to ensure your braces maintenance is on track and that you’re all set to continue your summer fun without any hiccups.

With these tips, you’ll be more than ready to dive into your summer adventures without any braces-related worries. Just remember, whether it’s at a backyard BBQ or your next beach trip, your summer braces care can make all the difference in having a fun, carefree season. Remember, your consultation is always free, whether you’re visiting us in Durham, Chapel Hill, Mebane, or Roxboro

Keep smiling and enjoy your summer with Smith & Heymann Orthodontics!