Ceramic Braces in Durham, Chapel Hill, Mebane & Roxboro

Clear & Cutting-Edge

Discover the benefits of Damon Clear self-ligating braces at Smith & Heymann Orthodontics. We’re proud to offer a modern orthodontic solution that combines subtle style with powerful treatment so you get the confidence and straight smile you've always wanted.

The Clear Choice for an
Outstanding Smile

Ceramic braces bring a fresh look to orthodontic care. Serving as a sophisticated alternative to metal braces, you’ll enjoy both comfort and discretion during your smile makeover.

Nothing to See Here!

Experience the power of clear ceramic braces that perfectly match your teeth. This treatment is understated but efficient, showcasing your natural smile at every phase.

Prioritizing Comfort

Clear ceramic braces focus on your comfort by using a streamlined design. Instead of metal edges, you get brackets with a more rounded contour, all while ensuring the trusted outcomes you expect in your orthodontic care.

Customized for You

At Smith & Heymann Orthodontics, we design your treatment plan to fit your specific smile. We’re always working our best to offer a prompt, accurate, and pleasant experience during your time with us.

The Subtle Power of Ceramic Braces

When choosing between metal or ceramic braces, there are some pretty clear advantages with ceramics!

Both types of braces effectively straighten your teeth — but clear ceramic braces do so while more closely matching the natural shade of your teeth. So you get to improve your smile with an orthodontic solution that won’t stand out.

Let’s look at the benefits of clear braces in closer detail.

Low-Key Appearance

Clear braces are hard to spot, letting your true smile stand out. This is a plus for anyone keen on minimizing the metal look in pictures and face-to-face chats.

Enhanced Comfort

Made from refined ceramic materials, many patients find clear braces to be more comfortable, resulting in a more pleasant orthodontic journey.

Perfect for Most Cases

Clear braces address all sorts of orthodontic problems, from crowding to misalignment.

Dr. Smith, Dr. Heymann, and Dr. Skillestad have the experience to determine if clear braces are the right solution for your particular situation.

Reliable Results

Besides looking great, clear braces work hard to set teeth in line and tackle bite concerns. They're on par with metal braces, so you know you’ll end up with a vibrant and healthy smile.

Deciding on the Best Option

Thinking about clear ceramic braces? They’re an awesome treatment option that’s perfect for all kinds of patients. Of course, they aren’t right for everyone, so let’s look at some questions to consider.

Fitting Your Lifestyle

Clear ceramic braces might be the perfect match for you if you want to stick to your orthodontic plan with a treatment that doesn’t draw attention to itself.

Cost of Your Treatment

At our Chapel Hill, Durham, Mebane, and Roxboro offices, ceramic brackets cost a little more than metal brackets.

The good news is that we’ll check with your insurance for orthodontic benefits and offer you flexible payment plans and automatic bank drafts. Our goal is to provide you with outstanding treatment at a value that fits your family’s budget!

Complexity of Your Case

Clear ceramic braces are great for all sorts of orthodontic cases. However, sometimes metal braces might be a better fit.

If you need major adjustments, Dr. Smith, Dr. Heymann, or Dr. Skillestad will recommend the best approach to get you the healthy smile you deserve.

Let's Get Started

Let's set out on your smile journey! Smith & Heymann Orthodontics is eager to guide you toward the best smile for you.

Interested in clear braces? Learn more during your free consultation with Dr. Smith, Dr. Heymann, or Dr. Skillestad on your initial visit to one of our offices in Durham, Chapel Hill, Mebane, or Roxboro.