New Advancements in Orthodontics

Smith & Heymann Orthodontics is obsessed with the best! We’re always working to stay at the forefront of the field of orthodontics, and that means continuing education for Dr. Smith, Dr. Heymann, Dr. Skillestad, and the team, and, of course, the newest and most cutting-edge treatments available! Read on, and we’ll learn a little more about new advancements in orthodontics. 

The Evolution of Orthodontic Treatments

It used to be that if you wanted orthodontic treatment, you were getting simple metal braces. These braces, while effective, were often seen as unsightly and could cause discomfort. This led to a demand for alternative solutions that catered to both the functional aspect of straightening teeth and the aesthetic concerns of patients.

As societal standards evolved and technology advanced, there was an increased emphasis on comfort and style. The desire for treatments that were less noticeable and more comfortable grew significantly.

The world of orthodontics hasn’t been left behind in the technological revolution. New materials, digital imaging, and computerized treatment planning have given rise to solutions that are not only more visually appealing but also reduce treatment times and improve overall patient experience.

 Being informed about these new treatment options is crucial. Whether you’re a potential patient, a dental professional, or just someone interested in the progress of dental science, understanding these advancements offers insights into the future trajectory of orthodontic care.



Invisalign emerged as a cutting-edge alternative to traditional braces, capitalizing on the demand for less visible orthodontic solutions. These are clear aligners tailor-made for each patient, designed to be worn over the teeth and gradually move them into the desired position.

The Benefits of Invisalign

  • Low-profile care: Invisalign aligners are made of transparent medical-grade plastic, making them almost invisible and especially attractive to adults and teens who are conscious about their appearance. Unlike traditional braces, there are no brackets or wires, presenting a cleaner and more natural smile throughout the treatment process.
  • Comfort and Usability: Each aligner is custom-made using precise 3D imaging technology, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. A standout feature of Invisalign is that the aligners are removable, allowing patients to eat, drink, brush, and floss without any hindrance. This removability means there are no dietary restrictions as there are with traditional braces. Additionally, without metal brackets and wires, there’s a reduced risk of mouth sores or injuries caused by sharp components.
  • Digital Treatment Planning: Advanced 3D imaging allows orthodontists to map out the entire treatment journey, giving patients the ability to visualize the expected results before starting the treatment. This digital approach ensures progress can be tracked efficiently and adjustments to the treatment plan can be made seamlessly.


New Advancements in Orthodontics

Damon Self-ligating Braces

Damon self-ligating braces are an exciting new development in the world of orthodontic treatment. While they may seem similar to traditional metal braces, there are some important differences!

Instead of using elastics or metal ties to hold the archwire in place, these braces employ a slide mechanism. This design reduces the amount of friction between the bracket and the wire, allowing teeth to move more freely and efficiently.

 Benefits of Damon Self-ligating Braces:

  • Speedier Treatment Process: The reduction in friction allows the teeth to move into their desired positions more efficiently. As a result, patients often experience shorter treatment durations compared to those using traditional braces. Additionally, the need for frequent adjustments is lessened, resulting in fewer orthodontic visits.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Without elastic ties, which can cause pressure and friction, many patients find Damon braces to be more comfortable. The slide mechanism allows for more natural movement, which can decrease the amount of pain or discomfort traditionally associated with orthodontic adjustments.
  • Improved Hygiene: Traditional braces with elastics present more nooks and crannies where food particles can get trapped, increasing the potential for plaque buildup and tooth decay. The design of Damon braces, however, minimizes these areas, making oral hygiene maintenance easier and more effective.

Damon Clear Braces

Damon Clear Braces combines the efficiency of the self-ligating system with the aesthetic appeal of clear brackets. These braces offer a more discreet alternative to both traditional metal braces and the regular Damon system, making them a popular choice among patients seeking both functionality and appearance.

 Advantages of Damon Clear Braces:

  • Less Noticeable Appearance: Crafted from a clear material, Damon Clear Braces are designed to blend seamlessly with the natural color of the teeth. This offers patients the dual advantage of a sophisticated treatment mechanism without the conspicuous appearance of metal.
  • Efficiency of Self-ligating Technology: Retaining the hallmark self-ligating mechanism, Damon Clear Braces reduces friction between the wire and bracket. This promotes faster tooth movement and often results in shorter treatment times. The slide mechanism also reduces the need for regular tightening, providing enhanced comfort during the treatment process.
  • Durability: Despite being clear, Damon Clear Braces are made from a robust material resistant to staining and discoloration. This ensures that the braces retain their discreet appearance throughout the treatment period.


New Advancements in Orthodontics

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